Representational Systems - Neurolinguistic Programming Test (NLP)

The doors of perception are our senses, our eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin. They are our points of contact with the outside world. In the same way that the senses are used to filter experiences, they are also used to structure our thinking and our communication.

According to Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the ways in which we assimilate, store and encode information in our mind (brain) - through sight, hearing, touch, taste or smell - are called "Representational Systems".

Each person has a predominant representational system, take the test below and discover yours!

(Source: Handbook of the Training and Certification Program of Brazilian Coaching Institute )


Do not try to "hit" the answers that seem more "appropriate" or "socially correct." In order not to distort the result, try to be very truthful and choose the most appropriate answer "for you”!

In each of the questions, check:
-4 points in the one that best describes you;
-3 points in the next best description;
-2 points for the next best and;
-1 point in the one that least describes you.

1. I make important decisions based on:



what sounds better to me

what looks better to me

a precise and thorough study of the subject

2. During a discussion I’m more influenced by:


the other person's tone of voice

whether or not I can see the other person's argument

the logic of the other person's argument

whether or not I come into contact with the other's real feelings

3. I communicate more easily what is happening to me:


the way I dress and look

for the feelings I share

for the words I choose

by the tone of my voice

4. It's very easy for me:


find the ideal volume and tuning in a sound system

select the most relevant point regarding an interesting subject

choose the most comfortable furniture

choose the richest and most attractive color combinations

5. I see myself like that:


if I'm very in tune with the sounds of the environment

if I am very capable of reasoning with new facts and data

I am very sensitive to the way clothes dress my body

I respond strongly to the colors and appearance of a room

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