Each person has a predominant profile that influences their behavior. Based on the DISC test, take the test below and discover the metaphor (eagle, cat, wolf or shark) that illustrates how you tend to behave!

(Source: Handbook of the Training and Certification Program of Brazilian Coaching Institute )


Do not try to "hit" the answers that seem more "appropriate" or "socially correct." In order not to distort the result, try to be very truthful and choose the most appropriate answer "for you”!

1. I am...

Idealistic, creative and visionary

Fun, spiritual and beneficial

Reliable, meticulous and predictable

Focused, determined and persistent

2. I like....

Being a pilot

Chat with passengers

Plan the trip

Explore new routes

3. If you want to get along with me...

Give me freedom

Let me know your expectation

Lead, follow or get out of the way

Be friendly, caring and understanding

4. To achieve good results, it is necessary to...

Have uncertainties

Control the essentials

Fun and celebration

Plan and get resources

5. I have fun when...

I'm exercising

I have news

I'm with others

I set the rules

6. I think that...

United we will win, divided we will lose

The attack is better than the defense

It's good to be tame, but to walk with a club

A forewarned man is worth two

7. My concern is...

Generate the global idea

Make people like it

Make it work

Make it happen

8. I prefer...

Questions than answers

Have all the details

Advantages in my favor

May everyone have a chance to be heard

9. I like...

Making progress

Create memories

Make sense

Making people comfortable

10. I like to arrive ...



Just in time

In another place

11. A great day for me is when ...

I can do many things

I have fun with my friends

Everything goes as planned

I enjoy new and exciting things

12. I see death as ...

A great mysterious adventure

Opportunity to review the deceased

A way to receive rewards

Something that always arrives very early

13. My life philosophy is ...

There are winners and losers, and I believe I am a winner

For me to win, nobody needs to lose

To win you need to follow the rules

To win, it is necessary to invent new rules

14. I've always liked ...


Avoid surprises

Focus on the goal

Take a natural approach

15. I like changes if ...

Give me a competitive advantage

It's fun and can be shared

Give me more freedom and variety

Improve or give me more control

16. There is nothing wrong with ...

Put yourself in front

Put others in front

Change your mind

Be consistent

17. I like to seek advice from ...

Successful people

Elders and advisers

Experts, authorities

Strangest places

18. My motto is ...

Do what needs to be done

Doing it right

Do together with the group

Simply do

19. I like...

Complexity, even if confused

Order and systematization

Human warmth and animation

Clear and simple things

20. Time for me is ...

Something I hate to waste

A great cycle

An arrow that leads to the inevitable


21. If I were a billionaire ...

I would make donations to many entities

I would create substantial savings

I would do whatever came to mind

I would exhibit a lot with some people

22. I believe that...

The destination is more important than the journey

The journey is more important than the destination

A penny saved is a penny earned

A ship and a star are enough to sail

23. I also believe that ...

He who hesitates is lost

Grain by grain the chicken fills her belly

What goes around comes around

A smile or a grimace is the same for those who are blind

24. I still believe that ...

Better safe than sorry

Authority must be challenged

Winning is key

The collective is more important than the individual

25. I think that...

It's not easy to get cornered

It's preferable to look, before jumping

Two heads are better than one

If you are unable to compete, do not compete

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